With its inspiring, clutter-free learning environments, university certified staff, and seamless apps, Kipinä is on a mission to spark 21st century skills and a life-long love of learning.

Child-Friendly Campus, A new concept of early childhood Education in Indonesia

Early Childhood Education is a commitment to develop a strong foundation in education

Kipinä is a proven International preschool brand with an Enhanced Finland Curriculum using a research-driven program designed to merge play-based learning with structured outcomes that give kids a head start in school life. Our curriculum encompasses six core areas plus innovation – focusing on the: emotional, social, cognitive, and physical development of each child.

Give Your Child An Awesome
Preschool Experience

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Well-Established Preschool Brand
with Branches in Over 15 Countries

Kipinä has an “Intentional Play-Based” approach. Where learning through play is the guiding principle in Finland, Kipinä brings more structure to the play to prepare your child for entry into any K12 school environment

Accelerated Learning

  • Certified Trained Team.
  • Easy transition into School.
  • Low Child to Teacher ratios.
  • Guided interactive program.

Inspiring Nurturing Environment

  • Safe, hygienic, and eco-friendly.
  • Fosters imagination and creativity.
  • CCTV and safety monitoring systems.
  • Builds confidence and character through play.

Support for Parents

  • Open all year.
  • Dedicated licensed onsite Nurse.
  • Free Mobile App.
  • Transparent fees.

Follow Your Child’s Activities Every Day

Track your child’s learning journey with measurable skillsets for all ages 04 months to 6 years.

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