Field trip to Jakarta Aquarium and Safari

Last 11 November 2022 on Friday, children from Kipina Kids Villa Kemang excitedly went on an educational and discovery tour at Jakarta Aquarium and Safari. We rode the bus on the way, and the children curiously looked out the big bus windows, getting a clear view of the Jakarta metropolis. At 9:30 am, we reached our destination.  JAQS is home to more than 3,000 aquatic and non-aquatic animals. The children interacted with the animals, like petting the snake, bearcat, and feeding the penguins. The children also saw that the keepers cared for the animals well. Moreover, our tour guide was knowledgeable and gave us cool and interesting facts about these animals. It was a great experience for our children and a memorable introduction to our theme for the coming week: Ocean!

By 4dm1n

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