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R.A. Dewi Iswari Puspitawati

Having been involved in the field of education since 2003, through an invitation from a friend to join a newly established school. This marks the beginning of her engagement and passion for children, education, parenting, and the development of teacher quality.
Having a passion to help each child develop according to the unique potential they possess as individuals. Every child is smart and unique; therefore, they need assistance from their closest circles and environment so that they can become the best version of themselves.
KIPINA’s values are highly aligned with her passion and personal belief, where every child is given the opportunity to learn and explore their surrounding environment in a fun way. The curriculum and teaching methods are structured in such a way that each child can develop according to their interests, talents, and abilities.
We’re waiting for many more families to join KIPINA to make our children lifelong learners. Let’s SPARK with KIPINA…

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